"..it makes brewing specialty coffee seem almost as easy as instant."
How does it work?
Brewing Your Coffee
Place the filter plate and flow tube assembly into outer cup.
Secure the flow tube in the outer cup by pushing down firmly.
Add in your ground coffee on top of the filter plate.
We recommend using 20g of medium ground coffee but you are welcome to experiment with the amount of coffee and the grind size. Generally, as the grind becomes finer, the force required to press becomes greater. You can use the fill line on the outer cup to make sure you don’t add too much coffee!
Pour in hot water and let the coffee steep. We recommend adding 12oz of water, stirring the grounds, then letting it steep for 1 minute. Pascal Press can brew up to 14oz of coffee and the top of the grip is used as a max fill line. As with the amount of coffee grounds, we encourage you to experiment with the amount of water you add and the amount of time you let your coffee steep. You can also get different qualities out of your coffee by choosing to stir the grounds or let a cake form on top of the water.
Press! After the grounds have steeped, insert the inner cup into the outer cup and press down. Make sure the top lid is not screwed on all the way to allow air to escape. Depending on the fineness of your ground, the press may take a bit of force. Be patient, and let the power of pressure do its thing!
Cleaning Up
Once you have finished your coffee, cleaning Pascal Press is as easy as brewing. Take out the inner cup then remove the filter pate using the flow tube as a handle.
The grounds should be compressed into a dry puck on top of the filter.
Simply tap them off over a garbage or compost bin. Give it a quick rinse and you are ready to brew again!