Uncompromised Quality Meets Portability.
Pascal Press is an all-in-one pressure brewer and travel mug. Using a full immersion steep combined with a pressurized plunge, it can brew a strong and smooth coffee in as little as one minute. Unlike our competition, Pascal Press keeps your coffee separated from the coffee grounds after brewing using our patented flow-tube design. After you are done your first cup, clean up is easy. Simply remove the filter plate, tap off the grounds, and you are ready to brew again!

Brew high quality coffee in under a minute.

Separated grounds keep your coffee smooth and consistent.
Easy to Clean

Tap out the grounds and you're ready to brew again.

"..it makes brewing specialty coffee seem almost as easy as instant."
"The Pascal Press is so simple, it's a surprise no one has thought of it before."
-Gear Institute
"The Pascal Press is ambitious, and addresses a number of factors that can affect a cup of coffee"
-Barista Magazine
"[Pascal Press] sets out make the backcountry coffee experience better than ever."

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